Grow Your Venue and Accept More Bookings with Marley

Empower your customers with affordable monthly payment plans for their wedding or any special event.

Faster, Simpler Way of Financing

Marley enables venues to allow their customers to easily finance their special event directly at the point-of-sale.

  • Close More Deals
  • Win Larger Bookings
  • Get Paid Faster

How Marley Works

Easy. Fast. Convenient.

Customer Applies
Applying is a breeze for customers, requiring only their mobile phone to submit an application.
Application Approval
Upon submission, credit decisions can be provided within seconds. Qualified borrowers can select a payment plan and instantly book their special day.
You Get Funded
Once customers receive their Marley account information, you can now process the payment without hassle.

Adored by Top Wedding and Event Venues Nationwide

Marley was invaluable in getting more leads to come through the our venue

"Marley was a tremendous asset; obtaining a financing partner played a crucial role in the success of our venue, enabling us to secure a multitude of additional bookings."

Marley's value was evident; securing financing proved pivotal, enabling additional bookings.

"Offering financing proved to be incredibly valuable; we were able to increase our total revenues by double-digit figures by offering higher-end packages to potential customers. Which was really helpful given that we are just a brand new venue."

Enabling financing options drove venue success with a surge in bookings.

"We found Marley to extremely helpful in helping getting more leads. More and more couples are interested in financing their special event and wanted to book with our venue because we were the only one in the area that offered flexible payment options."

How do your Customers Benefit?

Leveraging Marley's financing platform not only boosts the venue's ability to close leads but helps avoid much of the sticker shock. Integrating Marley into your sales and marketing approach to offer potential customers customized, budget-friendly monthly payment plans, reduces much of the friction many venue owners face.

Moreover, customers gain a transparent understanding of their purchasing capacity, and if they pre-qualify, they can explore a comprehensive array of options tailored to their preferences—empowering them to optimize their special day. This seamless financial solution enhances the overall customer experience and ensures a worry-free planning process.

Soft Credit Checks

A 'soft credit pull' enables couples to apply without impacting their credit score, providing them the opportunity to view pre-qualified monthly payment options without the need for a hard credit inquiry.

Digital Payments and Invoicing

Eliminate wasted time tracking payments that are on a scheduled plan or are overdue. Customers can repay from a variety of digital payment options - saving both venue owners and couples a ton of time and allowing them to focus on what really matters.

Healthier Financial Terms

If pre-approved, couples have the option to select a predetermined payment duration and schedule through Marley, featuring rates that are generally more advantageous than those of a credit card, avoiding potential negative impacts on their credit history through a hard inquiry, and prevents maxing out their existing credit limit. Furthermore, opting for Marley not only provides financial benefits but also contributes to enhancing their credit history as they embark on their financial journey. This makes Marley the optimal and financially conscious path to pursue for their special day.

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